BUNDUROCK Music is taking to the “sky” in September 2014 with a BIG BANG . . .
Yes, true to our vision and mission, we are launching our first BUNDUROCK Music for LIFE event on 20 September at the unique Crocodile Boma at Croc City, Fourways, Gauteng.

BUNDUROCK Music for LIFE is a unique music and conservation combined initiative, aiming to assist, support, help promote and create opportunities for serious artists, musicians and bands – as well as supporting our planet’s survival through our combined support of Conservation Education.

. . . WHY support CONSERVATION through Music and Education?

. . . without the environment there is no life, no music, NOTHING!!!
Our planet’s artists and musicians can give nature a voice that can be heard and BUNDUROCK Music for Life can provide the platform to do this!
Education is the ONLY long-term solution to both the conservation of our natural world as well as the conservation of true creativity – only knowledge and passion can change human attitudes and actions!

To quote Albert Einstein: “Three great forces rule the world: Stupidity, Fear and Greed” and it is these three “forces” that are KILLING our world and destroying the changes of survival for our planet’s true artists and musicians. Let’s NOT ALLOW this – join us and make a difference!!!