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BUNDUfunder is a fan/crowdfunding initiative of BUNDUROCK Music for LIFE

A. We support the survival of our planet by supporting CONSERVATION EDUCATION and INDEPENDENT musicians. HOW – we help serious INDEPENDENT musicians and bands to obtain with the support of their fans, the often very expensive, professional tools and resources (music videos, live performance videos, websites, branding, merchandise, etc.) needed to promote their music, get their music to the fans and in the process reward loyal fans – while in return, also giving nature and conservation a voice that will be heard!

B.As part of BUNDUROCK Music for LIFE initiative, we enable INDEPENDENT musicians to have a “voice” that will – with the support of their fans . . .
. . .  help us to also “Give Nature a Voice that can be heard too”

“Supporting INDEPENDENT musicians  . . .  supporting NATURE  . . .  supporting LIFE  . . !”


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