ONLY serious INDEPENDENT musicians and/or bands may apply

Any serious INDEPENDENT musician and/or band globally (individuals over the age of 18 years), with a fan base able to support their chosen BUNDUfunder Option, may apply for a campaign on BUNDUfunder.
Musicians or bands already affiliated or signed by any third party, such as a music label, or in the process of doing that, may unfortunately not apply for a campaign on the BUNDUfunder.


Projects can ONLY be chosen from the list of BUNDUfunder OPTIONS

ONLY the options/products offered by the BUNDUfunder and our supporting partners/sponsors will be allowed – NO MONEY will be paid/transferred directly to any campaign creator (also see our Terms & Conditions).


Restrictions on PERKS/BENEFITS/PRODUCTS offered to backers

The perks, benefits or products offered to backers can NOT include any form of financial incentives such as cash or repayments, service, or any digital or non-digital product of which the creator(s) is not the legal owner(s).


Only a limited number of projects/campaigns will be allowed within a given period

Due to our specific vision and mission, our focus is on quality rather than quantity support and as such we will limited the number of projects running simultaneously on the BUNDUfunder. This number of projects may vary from time to time.


BUNDUfunder reserves all rights

Since the BUNDUfunder is part of the BUNDUROCK Music for LIFE initiative and as such functions within that framework, we reserve all our rights with regard to all and any rules, options, decisions, terms and conditions (also see our Terms & Conditions).

Although the above rules may not cover every possible aspect and situation, it explains our main aim and purpose. Should you have any questions, please contact us.

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